Coming Home Agent

Connie offers buyers and sellers her experience and knowledge acquired from years of successfully closed real estate transactions!  Her background in teaching, residential lending and home building also allows Connie to guide clients as they maneuver through the loan process or interpret a home inspection.

Connie has a love for rural Missouri and the small communities that she has called home.  She was raised on a family farm in central Missouri and is very proud of her parents and the life they built for their family.  You can’t be around Connie long without hearing at least one story about Mom & Dad!  After graduating from Missouri State University she started her own family on a beef cattle ranch in Dade County, Missouri.  It was in the small town of Dadeville, population 216, where she first learned the essence of life in Northwest Greene & Dade County. Communities of hard working people that work tirelessly to build businesses, schools, churches and civic organizations that make those communities a great place to live!

Connie has learned that as life changes your real estate needs change, as well. Some are wonderful, such as purchasing your first home.  Others more difficult, such as selling a family farm. It’s life and it’s all about people!